Successful World Book Day!

African Reading Tent 4African Reading Tent 3African Reading Tent 2African Reading Tent 1

Well we finally managed to have our World Book Day.  A little later than planned due to my chicken pox but hey!

The children worked really hard to get everything organised, so that on the day we had: an African reading tent covering the wall bars, book stalls and quizzes for each age group in the school and everyone dressed up as a character from a book.  The children performed for each class (9 times!!!).  They did their African dance, read the African story they had written and some children had the opportunity to read their poems.  They then manned the stalls and sold the books and quizzes.

The day was a great success.  I was totally exhausted after climbing up and down the wall bars several times to put up fabric and art work!!  The children have raised in the region of £305 which will be going to Mary’s Meals in Malawi, to help feed children less fortunate than us.

 Well done to everyone involved.  I am really proud of your efforts.  We will be resurrecting the reading tent for the parents benefit on the 4th April.

Thanks again!

Miss Green


Chicken Pox!

The children have been working really hard to gear up for World Book Day.  They have organised quizzes, fancy dress, a book sale and various events in the reading tent.  Unfortunately disaster has struck and I, unfortunately, have contracted chicken pox.  This means I need to be off school for the week.

I am really sorry that our World Book Day will no longer take place on the 6th March but instead we will have a special South Park Book Day on the Thursday 13th March when I shall hopefully have returned to work.

Sorry to let everyone down but don’t forget that your hard work is not in vain and we will still be raising money for a very worthy cause.

Miss Green

Message from Rt Hon Jack McConnell MSP

Jack McConnell’s Letter

Hello. I am really delighted to learn about your class work on Malawi and other parts of Africa. Although we have problems in this country, we are so lucky compared to those children who live in these African countries. They really want to go to school and learn, they have to worry about diseases that are very rare here in Scotland, and they need better houses and regular healthy food.

The people who live in Malawi feel a real bond of friendship with Scotland which goes back many years, and in recent years many more Scots have worked with the Malawians to help them develop a better future for themselves. Scots are in Malawi helping to train doctors and nurses, Scottish schools are helping schools in Malawi with money and equipment, and our governments are working closely together too.

I understand you may be raising money for Mary’s Meals. This Scottish Charity does a great job feeding very hungry children, and they can provide a lot of meals quite cheaply. That means that every pound you raise will help many children in Malawi, so please work very hard to raise as much as you can.

On my visits to Malawi, I have been struck by just how lovely the people are. History has left them with some real challenges, but together we can help them to a better future.

Best wishes, Jack

Calabashes and stories – Kenya Group

Calabash 5Calabash 3Calabash 4Calabash 2Calabash 1


we have been learming how to write our own fictune stories about Africa and we are writing an African pome and we read a pome called the pow wow drumb. we are making our own seremonal calabash. it is like a bole on a cup

African Stories

The Big Argument

The Giraffe’s Neck

The Moth and the Butterfly

The Zebra, the Cheetah and the Leopard

Why Turtles are so slow

Starfish and the Jellyfish

How the Shark and the Dolphin Became Friends


A bad way to treat friends

The Moth and the Butterfly

Why Pigs Roll in Mud

Why Eagles Fly and Emus Hide

This week we have been busy bees trying to get our African stories finished.  The children having been using Word to publish their stories and have been working on changing the font, colour and adding pictures.

I have uploaded a few of the completed stories for you to read.  Please let us know what you think.

 We have also been trying to write African poetry.  We used the form of a poem called “The Pow wow drum” as it had a strong rhythm to it.  The children have been trying to write a poem with a strong drumming rhythm.  To help them they have been using drums to see if their poem fits a beat.

Miss Green

Fiction stories and African tent

African tentAfrican TentAfrican tent in classroomAfrican tent

The children have been working pairs to produce either fables or African “why” stories e.g. why the giraffe has a long neck.  I haven’t done a lot paired writing before and I am really surprised by the results.  The old adage “two heads are better than one” really is true in this case.  The children have really worked well together.  We are about to start redrafting our stories and although I have made self assessment checking sheets I think the children will still find it difficult to make changes to their work.

I finally got round to putting up the African tent in the classroom this week.  In it are different books, pictures, artifacts regarding Africa.  The children absolutely love it and it has the added benefit of increasing the reading in the class as everyone wants to go and spend time in it.  Hopefully we will have this affect when we try and produce something larger for World Book Day.

 Miss Green

similes and metaphors – Botswana

This week we have bean learning to write a non fiction story about africa using simeles and metephors.our teacher miss green put up a tent in our class libery .we have all brot in bits and bobs for the tent.we are also going to organays somthing for world book day on africa

Fables – Libya Group

This week we have been learning about more on our African dances and our teacher has built a tent in our library corner and its really cool.
We have also been learning about fables we have listened to some and some of them are called the fox and the crane,the lion and the hare and the tortoise and the turtle and our teacher told us we are going to do something that is linked to africa we were told to bring in some bowls and margerine tubs for friday we are all so curiouse to know what we our going to do.
thank you
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4th blog
Libya table )

Drumming – Libya group

this week we were larning about morls and we thought it was fun.we also learnd how to play some music from africa with the drums and we wrote reports for our fact book we learnd more dance movesfor our africa dances we learnd how to make facts into a story
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Libya table )

Morals – kenya group


we have been learning to write an African book and we have also been learning about morals. we would like to share some of our idears we thought up with you.Friendship dosen’t last forever, don’t risk your life for anyone, don’t pretend to be someone your not and lots make our books we made a contents page, some pictures,our stories about africa, a glossary and an index. it was pretty easy